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    Towards a cooperative EV Future.
    While the previous energy delivery process has remained largely inaccessible to the public, Requiem's process integrates new stakeholders.
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    With the implementation of our symbiotic business model, the EV charging industry can have a true positive impact.

welcome to Requiem-Electric

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are finally beginning to garner their fair share of the market. In the past year alone, more EVs were produced and sold in a single year than ever before. The growth rate of the industry is exponential and the positive impact on the effort to curb climate change makes it an opportunity of a lifetime.


Requiem Electric Charging Systems will meet the rising demands for safe and reliable access to lightning fast EV charging. While public infrastructure will surely fulfill much of this demand for local residents, a unique implementation in private establishments could also be beneficial.


Monetization of electric vehicle charging at private commercial establishments with multiple stakeholders and beneficia-ries. We hope to establish few things like revenue for local government, subsidies for installation costs,tax benefits for private investors & adding value to existing businesses.


The hospitality industry and multi-family residential developments accommodate a great number of stationary vehicles within urban and rural areas. These vehicles are primarily parked overnight and for long hours in the day. Requiem Electric is partnering with local businesses to electrify their parking spaces and generate additional revenue.


While this could be an purely private enterprise, we hope to create a sense of community around our installations by providing affordable and risk-free investment opportunities to local residents as well as a unique revenue stream for the local government without the need for taxation.
Viable and feasible with a hint of magic.


    Identify local businesses that can maximize the potential of EV charging.


    Provide installation cost-free to business owner with 10% of net weekly revenue.


    Mint NFTs valued at the initial amount required to secure equipment financing.


    NFT owners & Finance Partner receive 10% of net weekly revenue.

Our Team

Advisors, strategists, and engineers focused on people, above all else.

Krishna Patel

CEO & Founder

I am a writer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and researcher. I decided to gain knowledge through experience and that led me on a journey to discover the tranquility and power of media and culture at the global scale. Just 4 months out of film school, I took on a feature film, which gave me my first feature film director credit at the age of 19. My LA-Based company, 2Change Films produced over 150 music videos and 60 commercials plus many other types of content such as webseries, documentaries, as well as the Annual Vijay Amritraj Foundation Gala which was broadcasted to over 100 million viewers worldwide.

Milan Joshi

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Milan Joshi is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of New Mexico, USA. He has received his Master of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering from Durban University of Technology, South Africa, and qualifications of B. Tech & Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, and Government Polytechnic, Palanpur, India in the year 2011 and 2018. He is constantly striving to be a part of a variety of research within the broader area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His area of interest includes power system operation and control, Renewable Power Generation, FACTS, Smart grid, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and the application of AI techniques to power systems.

Kerul Patel


By nature, I consider myself dedicatedly oriented towards the tortuous practice of logic. This often means that before doing anything, I start rigorously exploring possibilities and potential hurdles. I find myself often with thoughts running rampant in my mind: what variables can I correct for while I tweak this or that and what can I do to make more than just incremental improvements to the product, service, or experience. And that's what brought me into the IT field.

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